Shawn McFadden is a decorated retired Army senior noncommissioned officer (NCO) and founder of The McFadden Group.  Having served as a Special Agent and leader with the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command and Military Police (MP) Corps Regiment, Shawn is a law enforcement and security professional, and a master in leading and training teams that deliver results.  During Shawn’s military career he was charged with security of the Nation’s most senior executives and entrusted with the investigation of the Army’s most heinous crimes.  He was awarded The Bronze Star for his actions in Iraq as an Executive Protection Agent.  Shawn is a tested and proven leader that understands the importance of being passionate about both mission objectives and the welfare of personnel, and is an expert at striking a balance between the two to achieve success.

Shawn trained the future leaders of the MP Regiment in Leadership Principles, Subordinate Development, Protective Services, and Advanced Investigative Techniques.  He earned a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice to strengthen his position as a law enforcement practitioner and a Master in Education degree to solidify his prowess as an Instructional Systems Designer and Training Consultant.  Upon retiring Shawn achieved continued success by leveraging his instructional expertise to develop cutting edge e-Learning courseware for the Nation’s leading investigative and intelligence agencies. 

The Thickness of Water

Shawn talks about the relationships formed through military service and answers the age old question of “Why soldiers fight?”.   Addresses the parallels between military service and the service of first responders, such as police and firefighters.

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